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April / May 2015 - ISSUE 28
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Ross Mirkarimi
A Message from Sheriff  
Ross Mirkarimi

I'm thinking of how to balance the starkness of the Walter Scott shooting video and the equally stark shooting of San Jose officer Michael Johnson last month. Murder is murder, regardless of who perpetrates it. On the law enforcement end, the solution to breaking this violent cycle always comes back to community policing and weeding out the people who are not properly suited for that role. Changing bigoted attitudes and mutual mistrust is a long, slow process.
The sheriff's department is not watching this process from afar. Last month, we were jolted out of complacency by allegations that four deputies were engaged in forcing inmates into fights and betting on the results. If these allegations are proven, everyone in this department will agree that such behavior is unacceptable and has no place in our jail system.

Equally as jolting is the escape of a prisoner. Our job is to keep people safely and securely in custody. We failed on both counts.


Because these charges are so serious, I decided it was necessary to bring in an independent investigation right away (at my request, the FBI has launched an investigation into these matters). If there is no wrongdoing, then the deputies involved will be cleared. If allegations are correct, or if our policies and supervision are lacking, then we will address those deficiencies expeditiously. As a first step to developing a fresh perspective on entrenched habits I have started rotating senior sworn staff to new positions. 

On another note, this month we had the privilege of recognizing the outstanding actions of four of our own: Sgt. Rafael Restauro, Sr. Deputy Michael Clauzel, Deputy Michael Li and Deputy Erik Simms who were honored at the Lion's Club's annual awards banquet. Sgt. Restauro and Sr. Deputy Clauzel saved a life, and Deputies Li and Simms helped deliver a baby girl - all performed under difficult circumstances. I speak for our entire department in marking our collective pride in these colleagues and for all in our field who are working every day to make the world a safer and better place.

We are pleased with the success and expansion of our Sheriff's Patrol Unit citywide to assist other law enforcement units, respond to Department of Public Health service calls, and respond to emergencies. They have already proven their value to the community and represent the kind of service for which we want to be recognized. 

Another fine example of our innovative approach to community policing inside the jail is the collaborative inmate peer education program developed by the Custody Operations and Administration and Programs Divisions. In February, an inmate from CJ #5, the violence-intervention pod, was authorized to co-teach our Manalive curriculum from our Resolve to Stop the Violence Program (RSVP). The goal is to assist in anger management, emotional regulation, and behavioral modification by respecting others through the sharing of common experience and challenges. We look to future innovations and collaborations between the Custody Operations and Administration and Programs Divisions.

As we enter spring, we are opening our department windows wide to let in fresh breezes, refreshing our continued commitments to our mission and to our professionalism.

A Gate Grandly Opening


We're very pleased to announce that our County Jail #5 Front Gate Project is nearing completion and will begin a testing period over the next few weeks. This long-awaited project has been in the works since the old County Jail #3 replacement project started in 1998.


The gate complex, built with input from the city's Arts Commission and designed by city architects and engineers, will be a transit station for visitors awaiting drop-off at a new sidewalk extension near the jail lobby. Designed to both protect visitors from the elements and enhance jail security, the deputy front gate post is a tough entrance built with heavy-duty concrete and building protection bollards, detention grade doors and windows, and bullet resistant material. Our new electronic security touch screen system is a significant improvement over older electro-mechanical analog systems. Variants of this type of system are the standard of control systems today and allow system flexibility and component availability.


Other amenities include a bathroom, heating, telephone, and direct intercom communication to central control. In the event of a fire anywhere in the facility an alarm panel at the gate will alert the post and direct firefighters to the alarm location within the jail. We've even incorporated a small solar panel, using components fabricated by some of our own inmates, that will produce electricity to light the new jail flag and front gate signage.


Many, many thanks to the large team of city departments and dedicated individuals who are pushing this project to a rapid conclusion. We're all looking forward to a formal flag raising in the next few weeks! 

Peers Leading Change
In March, our Custody Operations and Administration and Programs Divisions began a collaborative project with inmate peer education and, in doing so, joined an exciting national trend. Encouraging trained inmates to co-teach under facility instructors, particularly in the health education and behavior modification fields, is an approach that's being experimented with in prisons across the country.


To this end, the Sheriff's Command Staff authorized inmate "R.M." from County Jail #5 (CJ #5)'s violence-intervention pod to co-teach our Manalive curriculum. The curriculum supports our Resolve to Stop the Violence Program (RSVP) which addresses anger management, emotional regulation, and behavioral modification by focusing on respecting others. Under the tutelage of expert facilitators Eric Camberos and Leo Bruenn of Community Works Inc., R.M. has become proficient in explaining and modeling our anti-violence curriculum. Because he has demonstrated a strong willingness and ability to change his behavior, and because his fellow inmates can relate to his experiences and struggles, allowing R.M. to collaboratively provide instruction is expected to positively influence his peers.


Captain Marty Ideta, Facility Commander, and Mel Jarrett, CJ #5 Rehabilitation Services Coordinator, participated in the first interactive class. They found the student inmates to be very receptive to co-instructor R.M., who not only enjoys his new role but seems humble and appreciative of the opportunity to contribute.  In his own words, "We... hold each other accountable for any violence that each one of us has committed to our victims.  In the process, we learn to build empathy for our victims and cease to commit harm to others."
We hope that future innovations and collaborations between our Custody Operations and Administration and Programs Divisions will be equally positive, further enhancing inmate rehabilitation, security, and successful community re-entry.  

Sheriff's Patrol Unit Is a Citywide Operation


The Sheriff's Patrol Unit (SPU) is a city-wide operation, responding to emergency calls from other city law enforcement agencies, calls for service (and crime investigation) at the Department of Public Health (DPH) and other sites across the city, and calls from the general public. In addition, SPU also assists other sheriff's department units and responds to crimes in-progress that are reported by our own SPU's.


Our Sheriff's Patrol Unit was first to arrive on the scene of a fallen tree that had seriously injured a citizen on Potrero Avenue.  SPU deputy sheriffs provided first aid and established an incident command, facilitating the rapid closure of Potrero Avenue and reducing the chance of further injury to the public. Other notable incidents include the arrest of a domestic violence suspect in the Tenderloin, a theft at SF General Hospital, multiple vehicle collision investigations, and mental health holds throughout the city. 


In addition, our patrol unit proudly participates in numerous Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) campaigns, such as this month's Distracted Driving Awareness Campaign, December's DUI Crackdown, and the highly successful "Click it or Ticket" campaign. These important programs both improve public safety and result in enhanced awareness of SPU law enforcement efforts. They have been well received by the community as a whole. Our outreach efforts extend to our successful community policing principles, including our highly sought-after crime prevention and active shooter survival technique classes, which are provided free of charge to DPH employees. 

The Honor is Ours


Sgt. Restauro
On April 18th, the sheriff's department took great pride in honoring four of our own at the Lion's Club 52nd Annual Peace Officers, Firefighters and Sheriffs Awards Banquet. Up for accolades for acts above and beyond the call of duty are Sgt. Rafael Restauro, Sr. Deputy Michael Clauzel, Deputy Michael Li and Deputy Erik Simms.


Sr. Deputy Clauzel

In February of this year, Sgt. Restauro and Sr. Deputy Clauzel

intervened to save the life of a San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH) employee. The employee, who was depressed and suicidal, went missing after brandishing a razor. During their search, Sgt. Restauro and Sr. Deputy Clauzel contacted law enforcement departments from as far away as Arizona, utilized ingenuity in following up on various investigative leads, and worked closely with the employee's family. As a result of their efforts, Sgt. Restauro and Sr. Deputy Clauzel located and took the employee to a psychiatric care facility.


Deputy Simms
In December, Deputies Li and Simms helped bring a baby girl safely into the world -- or rather, a parking lot! Responding to her father's frantic cries for help, Deputy Li ran to SFGH's parking lot to find a woman lying in the front passenger seat with her baby's head crowning. With the help of several nurses, Deputy Simms personally helped with the delivery.
Deputy Li


While honoring these four colleagues' outstanding efforts we are reminded that all of our deputy sheriffs are, every day, protecting and serving the public, watching over a large inmate population, and doing their part to make the world a better place for us all.    

The Best Reward
Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood. That's why sheriff's department staff rolled up their sleeves earlier this month to participate in a blood drive at County Jail #5. Altogether, fifteen units of blood were collected during the effort, as one of the fourteen donors bravely gave two units of blood!
Participants were treated to a Hawaiian BBQ lunch provided by the Deputy Sheriffs' Association (an event co-sponsor). The best reward for the donors, however, is the satisfaction of knowing that the valuable resource of their blood will go to a local hospital to help to sustain or save a life. 

SFSD Activities and Programs 

Special Guest
Danny Glover, a talented actor and long-time resident of San Francisco, has contributed his support over the years to SFSD's re-entry programs. On April 7, Mr. Glover visited the inmates in Pod A at CJ #2 and participated in the Restorative Justice Class along with Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi and Undersheriff Federico Rocha.

Collaborating with Young Artists

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Young Artists at Work Program presented the Young Artist Laboratory, Emergent (Eco)nomy in April, which featured inmates from the CJ #5 Resolve to Stop Violence Program (RSVP).
Thank You!
The San Francisco Sheriff's Department in April presented our SFSD 2015 Excellence in Service Award and a bouquet of flowers to our esteemed colleagues, the San Francisco Public Safety Communications Dispatchers. The award honors the dispatchers' "dedication and outstanding service to the community as our trusted partner in public safety." Many thanks to the Department of Emergency Management for hosting the festivities!
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