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MARCH 2014 - ISSUE 15
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This month, we look forward to Spring and renewing our connections to our work and our community. On Valentine's Day, once again, many women and men in custody, with staff, came together to "Break the Chain"-- dancing in the One Billion Rising for Justice event to end violence towards women. This was a day of reflection on the violence perpetrated on women, and learning how to break those chains.

Our innovative reentry program received a $4.2 million show of support by the state. The San Francisco County Secure Reentry Program Facility allows state inmates returning to San Francisco to transfer to jail 60 days or less prior to being released from state prison for intensive services to better facilitate their reintegration into the community. Through this program, these soon-to-be ex-offenders are able to reconnect to their families and communities, and connect to education and jobs, strengthening the chances that they will succeed.

Once again, our generous staff distinguished itself. More than 20 Sheriff's Department members and their families participated in the Special Olympics of Northern California annual Dash and Splash--a 5k Fun Run and Walk, and the Splash, more commonly known as the Polar Plunge (into the chilly waters of the San Francisco Bay), raising thousands of dollars. Last month, Sr. Deputy Anna Payne was honored for her thirty years of community service by the Rotary Club of San Francisco at its annual Emergency Services Day luncheon. Anna's work defines the "benevolence" of the committee she chairs.

Finally, we reluctantly bid farewell to Muin Daly, our Religious Services Coordinator who retired after almost 20 years of service developing innovative programs to promote healing from the violent trauma experienced by so many of our inmates. She was a dedicated advocate and mentor, guiding many into successful reentry. 
A Part, not Apart: SFSD only Jail in Nation to 
 in One Billion Rising for Justice

Last year, more than one billion people stood up to call for an end to the violence against women. The San Francisco Sheriff's Department was the only jail nationwide to participate in showing support to end violence. This year's theme was One Billion Rising for Justice. On February 14, 2014, the SFSD rose again and showed our support as we know one in three women will be physically or sexually abused in their lifetime.

We came together to RISE, DANCE and RELEASE at our Women's Resource Center with a support process of healing, followed by a dance rehearsal to "Break the Chain" in preparation for the larger gathering at City Hall that same afternoon. In our Sisters in Sober Treatment Empowered by Recovery (SISTER) program at CJ 2, a 
similar process was facilitated with our SFSD program staff that provided opportunities for the women to write and share their stories about what chains they are going to break that keep them from moving forward in their lives. 

The men in Resolve to Stop the Violence Project (RSVP) also did a writing piece on what is the behavior that is keeping them in a life of violence and what would accountability and empathy look like for them. They, too, learned the dance steps and created posters that illustrated the myths and truths about domestic violence, rape, and trafficking victims. We shared these stories with the SISTER program which was a healing piece for them as they rarely hear men being accountable for the violence they have done. Several SFSD program and deputized staff attended the main event at City Hall, and the RSVP posters were distributed to women in the audience as part of Restorative Justice practices.
Photo Courtesy of Mike Koozmin, Photo Editor, SF Media Company
Staying Connected
cyber crime cuffs On March 1, 2014, the oldest operational jail in the San Francisco Jail System came one step closer to the tech age. As was already the case at our San Bruno facility -- County Jail 5, friends and family members of those incarcerated at County Jail 4 can now sign up for visits using the internet. The San Francisco Sheriff's Department is committed to helping friends and family stay connected.
In the past there has been a long line of visitors waiting to sign up for a visit on a cold Sunday morning. On Friday afternoons, hold times for telephone reservations have varied when calling to reserve a visit. Gone are the days when someone from across the bay travels to visit a loved one, only to find out the visit was canceled.

As of March 1, hold times ended and Sunday morning lines are shorter. One does not even have to make a trip across the bay for a canceled visit. The convenience of online visiting reservations allows the visitor to get notified via email or text message for any visit that may have been canceled.

All you need is a computer or a smart phone and let your fingers do the talking. For more information, visit http://www.sfsheriff.info/ and click on the Online Visitation Services link.

Visiting days at 850 Bryant Street, County Jail 4 are Thursday (non-holidays) evenings from 5:15 pm to 8:40 pm and on Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays from 7:30 am to 2:10 pm.
A Storehouse of Responsibility

The San Francisco Sheriff's Department employs three storekeepers and one supervisor who are assigned to the county jails. The primary duties of the storekeepers are to receive materials, check shipments for conformity with specifications of the purchase order, arrange for delivery of supplies to users, maintain inventory records, and operate various manual -- as well as automatic -- equipment, including forklifts.

These storekeepers are responsible for the day-to-day operations of running a smooth well-organized institution.

We have great examples with people like Robert Fung and Minerva Chiprez who are assigned to San Francisco and are responsible for maintaining and supplying materials ranging from toiletries and bedding to paint and furniture for County Jail #1, County Jail #2, Central Records Unit, and County Jail #4.

Another is Daniel Gertsikov who is assigned to County Jail #5 in San Bruno, the newest jail, while Chong Low is the Supervisor who oversees the day-to-day operation of all Sheriff's facilities. He is also responsible for the warehouse that is located in the San Bruno Complex.

Some of the most popular items that are purchased for the jails are orange clothing, toilet paper and paper towels. Other purchases supplied are on an as-needed basis such as blankets, towels, mattresses, and inmate shoes.

Our storekeepers have over 60 years of cumulative warehouse experience that they bring to the Sheriff's Department. They are innovative, resourceful and always looking for new ways to cut costs. The job of the Storekeeper never stops. Every day they are working to supply the jails with various necessities.

Needless to say, it would be very difficult to operate the jails without these fantastic, hard working, diligent people who are always ready to respond when their services are requested.
Muin Daly: Religiously Dedicated to All Her Roles

SFSD Religious Services Coordinator Muin Daly retired on January 21, 2014, following almost 20 years of service with the Sheriff's Department. Muin was well-known throughout the Department owing, in part, to the many locations at which she worked and the varied roles she performed in the course of her career.
In 1993, Muin came on board as an independent contractor, joining the team of civilian and sworn staff who were developing an in-custody treatment program for women, which became known as the SISTER Project. Her role at that time was as a lead acupuncturist for ARTS (Acupuncture Recovery Treatment Services) and she helped to pioneer acupuncture in the jail as a tool for detox and stress management.

In this capacity, she became an early advocate for holistic approaches to support recovery and healing from trauma. Muin used this role to educate both inmates and staff about benefits of Chinese medicine and other alternatives to traditional Western medicine.

In 1998, Muin signed on as a full-time employee with the Department, being hired as a Rehabilitation Services Coordinator. She was an early advocate for trauma-informed and gender-responsive treatment, eventually becoming the Director of the SISTER Project which she had helped to found. Subsequently, she rotated through various assignments, including coordinating the Roads to Recovery Program, serving as Ombudsman and eventually becoming the Religious Services Coordinator.

Muin approached each of her roles with flexibility and an eagerness to learn, as well as a willingness to share a wealth of information with co-workers, colleagues and clients. While she excelled in each assignment, her final role as Religious Services Coordinator was, perhaps, the one that best defined her. She tirelessly advocated for individual rights related to spiritual practice and provided resources on a wide range of spiritual belief systems that could support personal growth and healing. In this way, Muin promoted successful reentry and invested in the success of all program participants. As Muin starts on the next chapter, we wish her all the best and thank her for her service to SFSD.
2014 Dash and Splash

On Saturday, February 22, 2014, the Special Olympics of Northern California hosted the annual Dash and Splash. The Dash is a 5k Fun Run and Walk, and the Splash, more  commonly known as the Polar Plunge, is just that --a plunge into the chilly waters of the San Francisco Bay. The event is one of many that raises money to provide no-cost training and access to services for the 16,000 Special Olympic athletes in Northern California.
More than 20 personnel from the San Francisco Sheriff's Department and their family members participated in the Dash, the Splash or both, raising more than $2500 for the Special Olympics. The final numbers are not in yet, so we expect our total dollars raised for Special Olympics to increase.

Sergeant R. Winters chaired the 5k Fun Run and Walk committee, and Captain M. Fisher sat on the Plunge committee with him. Together, they coordinated the Sheriff's Department participation in the Dash and Splash. Deputy L. Obtinalla volunteered to be the SFSD Polar Plungers team captain. Deputy C. Chu brought out the Community Relations truck and set-up our booth. Deputy C. Moore and her family assisted with the set-up and take-down of the 5k course. Everyone's hard work resulted in a successful event for all.

The Dash and Splash is one of many events in which the Sheriff's Department participates that fall under the Law Enforcement Torch Run umbrella. Other events include the Tip-a-Cop events at area restaurants, the upcoming Bike the Bridges on Sunday, June 8th in 
Martinez and Pigskin Madness. All Sheriff's Department employees are invited to participate in the events, and family and friends are encouraged to participate as well. Stay tuned to this newsletter for more information.
Rotary Award for Sr. Dep. Anna Payne

On February 18, 2014, the Rotary Club of San Francisco held its annual Emergency Services Day luncheon, an event where the Rotary honors a representative from each of the City's emergency services departments. The representative is selected by each department's head and performed an outstanding level of service during the past year. Some award recipients have performed heroic life-saving acts; others have devoted their time to community service, an act just as heroic.

Senior Deputy Anna Payne is the San Francisco Sheriff's Department's award winner for 2013. Her life in the community service circles started in the early 1980s when she was the secretary for the Deputy Sheriffs Association (DSA). She was appointed to chair the Benevolent Committee for the DSA and quickly learned that there was not a commitment to community service. This void created the ideal conditions for Anna to start a community service event, her now famous Toy Drive. Since the inception of the Toy Drive, Anna's determination and diligent efforts have collected over 25,000 toys that have been donated to UCSF Children's Hospital of San Francisco and the Tenderloin Family Center.

As the chair of the Benevolent Committee, Anna also had the opportunity to involve the Sheriff's Department and the DSA with other organizations. She organized outings for the Boys and Girls Club. She organized fundraising efforts for the March of Dimes as well as assisting with the events. She also worked with organizations to secure DSA sponsorship for fundraising events. Every year Anna heads up the Combined Charities fundraising.

So next time you are out at a charity event, be sure to keep an eye out for Anna. She's bound to be helping out somewhere!
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