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Ross Mirkarimi
A Message from Sheriff  
Ross Mirkarimi

Beautiful Fall in San Francisco also means a very busy month...and not just because of those amazing Giants! 


The recurring theme this October is "preparedness." Maintaining public safety requires pro-activity, so that we can respond efficiently and effectively to natural disasters, human folly and public health emergencies.  Regular training and coordination with other public safety and law enforcement agencies is crucial.


Undersheriff Rocha and I were honored to tour the U.S.S. America during Fleet Week with other City emergency service agencies.  We saw the resources the Navy and Marines can provide in a disaster and participated in training exercises to ensure smooth inter-agency operations.


The Loma Prieta earthquake rolled through town 25 years ago this month, taking lives and homes and crumbling infrastructure. Each time there is an earthquake, many of us gather supplies, draft a plan, then fall into complacency. But it's never too early to restock your earthquake supplies, freshen the water stored and update our plan for family and pet safety.  Please see our Disaster Preparation Guide, at www.sfsheriff.com for helpful suggestions and further resources.


Public health emergencies are also on everyone's mind right now.  We are all watchful for the potential for the arrival of the Ebola virus in San Francisco and concerned that the disease can be quickly and safely contained if it does.  We are following events closely, educating ourselves about the virus' characteristics, and coordinating with other City agencies to develop protocols to protect workers' and the publics' health.


Proper preparation is also key in performing our everyday duties. Deputy Diego Perez was recently recognized as one of the Saint Patrick's Battalion Honorees for 2014 by the San Francisco Irish Mexican Association. Deputy Perez works with the Eviction Assistance Unit, providing valuable services to those facing a personal disaster.  Unfortunately, evictions can take unexpected turns, and our EAU must be ready to maintain safety in a potentially difficult situation with compassion.  


This month we acknowledge the fine work of our Resolve to Stop the Violence Program (RSVP), in which facilitators work with men to break down the structures of power that give rise to violence toward a partner. This work is complemented by Restorative Justice where victims of domestic violence tell their own stories of trauma.  On October 29, from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., at the Women's Resource Center, we are hosting a Health and Welfare Fair to encourage women to make healthier choices, including confronting domestic violence, in their lives.


Governor Brown's Cabinet Secretary for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Jeffrey Beard, recently visited our facilities and recognized our jail system and reentry programs for their success at engaging inmates and reducing recidivism.  Our staff really helps set the standard and people in our custody as well as in post-release are making positive impacts, as captured on the cover of the October 3: San Francisco Examiner,  "Inside View of a Model Jail - County Jail is seen as a success of the state prison realignment effort, and California's top jailer wants others to take notice".


Have a happy and safe Halloween (our son plans to go as Captain America, but now he's talking about a different Avenger)...Halloween and Giants celebration?!


On a somber note, this past week three Deputy Sheriffs lost their lives in the line-of-duty, one each from Sacramento County Sheriff's Office, Placer County Sheriff's Office and Ventura County Sheriff's Office. Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with their families, departments and communities.  

Fleet Week and the U.S.S. America 

Fleet week, Sheriff Mirkarimi and Undersheriff Rocha were proud to take part in the opening of Fleet Week on the U.S.S. America. The Sheriff's Department, along with other emergency departments with the City and County of San Francisco, took part in the tour and received training. The training tour showed the resource capabilities of the U.S.S. America and how the U.S Navy and Marines can help San Francisco during a natural / man-made disaster with humanitarian relief.
Deputy Diego Perez - 2014 Saint Patrick's Battalion Honoree

On September 18, 2014, Deputy Diego Perez was honored as one of the Saint Patrick's Battalion Honorees for 2014. He was awarded this by the San Francisco Irish Mexican Association. The award is in commemoration of the Saint Patrick's Battalion, a unit of several hundred Irish and other expatriates of European descent who fought as part of the Mexican Army in the Mexican-American War of 1846-8.

Diego was born and raised in San Francisco and is the youngest of three boys. His parents migrated from Mexico in search of better opportunities. Diego graduated from SFSU with a degree in Criminal Justice. He joined our Department in 2006 and attended the Santa Rosa Police Academy. He graduated near the top of his class and received several awards, including one for excellence in leadership.

Deputy Diego Perez is currently assigned to the Eviction Assistance Unit where he provides assistance to people being evicted, including offering referrals and information for legal issues, relocation, medical issues and other eviction-related matters in their time of need. He was recently awarded with a Sheriff's commendation for an act of bravery for taking an armed suspect in the Mission safely into custody.

Sheriff Mirkarimi was proud to award Deputy Perez with the Saint Patrick's Battalion honor. Congratulations also go to SFPD Officer Annie Valenzuela, SFFD Lt. Mike Day, and SFDA Sr. Inv. Henry McKenzie who were the other 2014 honorees.
SFSD Disaster Preparedness Guide

It has been 25 years since the Loma Prieta earthquake violently shook the San Francisco Bay Area. Let us take a moment to remember those who were lost. Let us take a moment to remember what we learned. Now, let us take a moment to think about how ready we are for the next big quake or disaster.

When we look at how prepared we are for a disaster, many of us fall short. We may have some cans of food, but do we have a way of cooking? How many of us actually have enough water to last three days? And what about our pets? 

In order to help prepare you for the next natural disaster or man-made event, the San Francisco Sheriff's Department has made a Disaster Preparedness Guide available online at www.sfsheriff.com. In it can be found suggestions to prepare for a major disaster, including a contact sheet for family and friends and a list of websites offering additional preparation guidance. 

Sworn and non-sworn employees can access an SFSD employee version of the Disaster Preparation Guide on our internal website. This version includes information on what to do when disaster strikes and your responsibility to report to work as a Disaster Service Worker for the City and County of San Francisco.

Virtual Jail

On Thursday, October 2, 2014, Omnilink provided training to the Community Programs Unit. Omnilink manages the GPS ankle bracelet system used to monitor sentenced, pre-trial and Adult Probation clients. On Friday, October 3, 2014, Community Programs hosted an electronic monitoring presentation for agencies and community stakeholders in the Bay Area. 

In attendance were representatives from the Board of Supervisors, Berkeley PD, SFPD, US Pretrial, SF Juvenile Probation, SF Adult Probation, US Probation, and the SF Public Defenders office. Sheriff's Command staff as well as sworn deputies from Warrant Services Unit and Criminal Investigations Unit. 
Sheriff Mirkarimi opened the presentation by introducing presenters Ron Stewart from G2 Research and David Scheppegrell from Omnilink. He also introduced Leaders in Community Alternative (LCA) CA President and CEO Linda Connelly. Sheriff Mirkarimi eloquently reassured our partnering criminal justice agencies that offering alternatives to incarceration such as electronic monitoring did not correlate with an increase in crime or increased liability for agencies using this alternative. Sheriff Mirkarimi offered the following statistics: in the year 2013, over 400 clients were placed on electronic monitoring. Of those placed on electronic monitoring in 2013, 90% successfully completed the program. The Sheriff also discussed how the use of electronic monitoring as a sentencing alternative gives clients the opportunity of remaining in the community, becoming productive citizens and contributing to the welfare of their families and society.

The Omnilink and G2 Research presenters were able to demonstrate how the SFSD and LCA, using technology by Omnilink, are able to track a client through GPS monitoring. The presentation emphasized the use of electronic monitoring as a tool to deter and discourage criminal behavior. Clients on electronic monitoring are case managed by the SFSD and LCA case managers. This allows for individuals to be placed in a structured environment with clearly defined rules while allowing them to continue to maintain community ties.


Finally the presenters explained how GPS tracking may also be used in criminal investigations. GPS monitoring is not only useful as a tool to deter and discourage criminal activity, but it can also be used as a tool to detect or to determine if a client was at or near the scene of a crime. 

Tour de Fuzz

On Saturday, September 13, 2014, a number of deputized staff members and civilians rode in the third annual Tour de Fuzz bike ride held in Sonoma County. The ride began and ended in Santa Rosa. Most of them rode in the 100k (65 mile) ride, and a few cruised along in the 25 mile ride.

The ride benefits the Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Foundation (LECF). The LECF helps communities throughout North America establish their own law enforcement chaplaincy service or improve upon existing services.

Both routes toured the beautiful wine country of Sonoma County which consists of not only wineries but also rolling hills dotted with oak trees.  They cruised along busy state highways but also, as Frost described it, the road less traveled. The scenery distracted those of us from the aches and pains that pop up while riding.

They stopped at the two rest stops for refills on energy drinks and quick bites of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, orange quarters and other energy-providing foods. One stop had an espresso bar!

Upon the conclusion of the ride, they were served a barbeque lunch. The pulled pork was delicious! Some relaxed with the free massages that were offered.

The Sonoma County Sheriff's Department and the Santa Rosa Police Department in conjunction with the LECF hosted an amazing event.

Overall, it was a great ride and are looking forward to next year. If you ride, come out and join us on the sheriff's contingent.

Warrant Sweep Operation

In September, the San Francisco Sheriff's Department conducted a warrant sweep operation with law enforcement partners from U.S. Marshall's Office, SFPD, FBI and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. During the day-long operation, 21 arrests were made by six four-person teams, who followed leads and made arrests, mostly in an Francisco. There were many no bail warrant arrests along with one DA warrant for 29 felony counts of various forms of fraud with a $500K bail.
Taking Back the Night 

The San Francisco Sheriff's Department is committed to the reduction of domestic violence as one of the crimes that does the most damage to our community.

The response is twofold: with the perpetrators and others at-risk on one hand and with the victims on the other.

The department assumed nationwide leadership in the reduction of domestic violence with the introduction of the Resolve to Stop the Violence Program (RSVP). Persons who are charged with domestic violence are housed together in a pod at County Jail #5 in San Bruno. In that pod, the men work with facilitators to break down the paradigms of male power violence that give license to the commission of harm. Interventions include group therapy; one-on-one counseling; theater and movement therapy and Restorative Justice, a program wherein victims of domestic violence come into the pod and tell their stories of how domestic violence has traumatized them.

Post-release has a follow up at the Community Programs facility at 70 Oak Grove where non-violence counselors conduct group sessions on how to break down the hustler mentality and embrace more peaceful pro-community behavior.

Concurrently, the department offers recourse to the victims of domestic violence through a victim restoration project. Delia Ginorio, a leader in the field, manages a team of counselors who work to heal the wounds of domestic violence through psychological therapy, empowerment groups, individual coaching and legal referrals.

On October 29, 2014, from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. the department will host a Health and Wellness Fair for women at the Women's Resource Center, which is located at 930 Bryant Street. The event focuses on empowering women to embrace better health care alternatives and gain awareness of such important issues as domestic violence and breast cancer.
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