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Ross Mirkarimi
A Message from Sheriff  
Ross Mirkarimi

The recent Napa earthquake reminded us, once again, that preparedness is key to surviving and managing public safety emergencies. Participation in the Urban Shield exercises allows us to work with other public safety agencies to plan coordinated responses to emergency situations. There is justified concern over the militarization of our police forces, but weapons do not create public safety; well-practiced response plans do. Thinking, planning and practicing protects us in an emergency. The use of well-trained dogs to assist in the bomb sweeps of the new Levi's Stadium provides another example of coordinated, proactive public safety.

Celebrating hope and interfaith collaboration, our Religious Service Coordinator worked with community members to organize a full gospel concert that was held in the maximum security jail, bringing together over 80 men, women and transgender inmates. It was an evening to reinforce redemption and opportunities for successful reentry.

Many of you may remember former Sheriff Mike Hennessey's passion for the history of the San Francisco Sheriff's Department. He and retired Captain Richard Dyer created a new website with fascinating historical information and never before published photographs. Please check it out for an interesting look at the people and events that shaped the department.

I am pleased to announce our Innovation Challenge Grant Program. It offers small community-based organizations the opportunity to develop programs and services for individuals in custody and those transitioning out, using the principles of restorative justice. Grant applications must describe activities that address our dual goals of protecting public safety and reducing recidivism. Please encourage persons in interested organizations to apply.

Special thanks to Danny Glover for taking time out of his schedule to speak at the Reentry Pod.
Urban Shield 2014

"Critical Training for Critical Times" was the theme for the 2014 Urban Shield training exercise that occurred the weekend before the 13th anniversary of the tragic events of 9/11. Hosted this year by the Alameda County Sheriff's Office, Urban Shield is a full-scale regional preparedness exercise assessing the Bay Area's response capabilities for prevention, protection, response and recovery from critical incidents, stretching regional resources to their limits and expanding regional collaboration and building positive relationships.

The exercise presents challenges to enhance the skills and abilities of regional first responders, as well as those responsible for coordination and management of large-scale events. The SFSD has been a participant since the first exercise in 2007, both sending a tactical team and hosting scenarios. This year we used the Hall of Justice location to host scenarios based on a courtroom hostage rescue, an active shooter in a theater, and a medical checkpoint. Lt. K. McConnell and staff from the Field Operations Division and Emergency Services Unit coordinated our SFSD efforts to provide quality training at these sites for the 35 tactical teams that were evaluated. Members of the Special Response Team, including the Assistant Sheriff, represented our department and were operational for 48 consecutive hours, completing a total of 31 SWAT scenarios throughout the Bay Area that included the Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge, and Candlestick Park.

In addition to the SWAT scenarios, Urban Shield hosted four Explosive Ordinance Disposal and 17 fire / hazmat scenarios.

Outside participants included the Singapore National Police, a South Korean tactical squad, and the Philadelphia PD. Urban Shield provides a platform for national and international first responders, as well as the private sector, to work efficiently and effectively together when critical incidents occur.

Newly-Published SF Sheriff's Department History Website

Former Sheriff Mike Hennessey's passion for history, particularly the history of San Francisco, is on full display in a new website that explores the colorful history of the San Francisco Sheriff's Department: www.SFSDHistory.com.

Hennessey has teamed up with co-author Richard Dyer, a retired Captain from Hennessey's command staff.

Both Hennessey and Dyer had built fledging websites filled with articles and research about the department's 164-year history. In this they have formally combined their work in a website put together by web designer Paul Jasch of ShinyMachine.

"The history of the San Francisco Sheriff's Department provides a unique and dynamically new angle to view the history of San Francisco and California," states Hennessey.

"The remarkable personalities, adventures, achievements and missteps that make up the history of the Sheriff's Department provide insight and context about where we've been and who we are."

Included in the new site are never before published photos and historical data. But Hennessey and Dyer emphasize that the "History of the San Francisco Sheriff's Department" website is an ongoing research project. There's much more to come.

The new SF Sheriff's history website was sponsored in part by the SF Sheriff's Managers & Supervisors Association (MSA) and is linked on the MSA and the San Francisco Sheriff's Department websites.
Hot August Nights

On August 30, 2014, the SFSD's Religious Services Coordinator, Yolanda Robinson, organized the first full gospel concert in our maximum security jail located at 850 Bryant.

The idea for the concert came from Pastor Erris Edgerly of Brothers For Change. He was inspired to come in and give hope to the men and women in our jails and let them know that even though they are in our jails, and have been accused or convicted of an illegal deed change is always possible, and forgiveness and redemption are the key to their change. 

In talking about why he wanted to do this concert, Pastor Edgerly said, "being a Minister for so many years, I understand the importance of working with the incarcerated, that everyone deserves a second chance, and if we can reach some of these young men and women through our service, then it is well worth the time and effort spent."

Yolanda Robinson said that her role as the Religious Service Coordinator is "to increase the collaboration between the interfaith community and our pre and post release programs in order to assure that those in and out of our custody are afforded the opportunity to take advantage of all available reentry services. Brings young men and women from the church and interfaith community into our jails opens the eyes of our inmates and lets them know that change is possible."

The concert was attended by over 80 inmates. It is not often that we are able to mix genders in our programming, but this concert showed us that with the proper planning and staffing change is possible for all of us.

The Sheriff's Department would like to express our gratitude to Nekisha Muccular, Pastor Aubrey Williams, Shanell Bennett, Pastor Kareem Bennett, Pastor Erris Edgerly, Caronda Daggs, Gwen Madison, Vivan Roman, Hermann Reiss, Angela Wilson, Gaynor Siataga, Justin Cain, Brian Oxley and Shawn Sammon-Martinez for their contributions and for making this concert such a success.

SFSD K-9 assists NFL and San Francisco 49ers at New Stadium in Santa Clara

On Sunday, August 17, 2014, San Francisco Sheriff's Department Senior Deputy Shane O'Neill and his canine partner Brixx, assisted federal and local agencies with bomb sweeps at the official opening of the new Levi's Stadium located in Santa Clara.

Along with Santa Clara County Sheriff Explosive Ordinance Disposal Technicians and the Santa Clara Police Department, numerous canine teams were tasked with conducting sweeps and related tasks at the new stadium.

"It was a great experience and a real honor to be asked to participate in an event as special as opening day for the San Francisco Forty-Niners in their new home at Levi's Stadium. The fans were great and very appreciative of the work being done by the canine teams. The dogs were popular with the public and performed their tasks well. I look forward to working alongside the Santa Clara Police Department and all of the other agencies in the future", said Senior Deputy O'Neill.
The Breakfast Club

What your mother and your doctor say is true...
breakfast is the most important meal of the day! A quick, delicious and healthy breakfast can give you lasting energy and the motivation to fulfill your personal goals. There is an expression: "Eat like a king in the morning, a lord in the afternoon and a pauper in the evening."

In this case, the San Francisco Sheriff's Department Community Programs is telling the women of the community: "Eat like a queen in the morning..."
Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi is sponsoring workshops for women in how to make a delicious breakfast part of the everyday routine. All women in the community are invited! This is part of his overall goal of strengthening community foundations. The community meal is one of society's building blocks for fellowship, and the hope is that women who attend these workshops will not only have a better knowledge of home nutrition, but will have begun to build ties of friendship to support each other.

As a bonus, women enrolled with Five Keys Charter School can receive credit towards their high school diploma for attending these workshops. They must be enrolled to receive credit. This class is a partnership of the San Francisco Sheriff's Department, Five Keys Charter School and NextCourse.

Classes are on Thursdays only from 9am to 10am. The remainder of the classes are scheduled for October 2nd, 9th and 16th and will be held at the Women's Resource Center located at 930 Bryant Street.

SFSD Innovation Challenge Grants

The SFSD Community Program Unit announces its new Innovation Challenge Grant Program. The mission of the Sheriff's Department's Community Program Unit is to provide programs and services to the incarcerated, previously incarcerated, and survivors using the principles of Restorative Justice that assist in the positive, productive reintegration into our communities. In partnership with nonprofit organizations and other providers, the Sheriff's Community Program Unit works to ensure a continuum of services as our clients transition from in custody programs to out of custody programs.

Challenge grants are designed to create a platform for small community-based organizations that may not have experience of contracts with the County of San Francisco, to present their ideas on stopping the cycle of incarceration and addressing the needs of San Franciscans returning from jail to their communities. Challenge grantees must align their activities with the Sheriff's Department goal of protecting public safety and reducing recidivism.

All applicants will receive written feedback regarding their proposal's strengths and weaknesses. During the interview portion of the review process, Sheriff's Department staff will discuss and give feedback to the vision, budget and activity plan developed by each agency. The San Francisco Sheriff's Department will provide one-on-one technical assistance to each grantee during the planning phase to help plan the funded activity. Additional assistance will be provided on an as-needed basis, as determined by the SFSD.

The SFSD expects to award one grant for up to $24,500 and one grant for up to $5,000 for the Fiscal Year 14-15.

Application packets should be available in October 2014 on the Sheriff's Department website at: www.sfsheriff.com.
SFSD in the News

Northern California C.O.P.S 

Saturday, October 11, 2014


Come walk in honor of an officer killed in the line of duty. All proceeds go to help family members of fallen officers "rebuild their shattered lives".

San Ramon Central Park
12501 Alcosta Blvd, San Ramon
(Corner of Bollinger Canyon Road)

8:00 AM Registration
9:00 AM 10K Walkers begin
9:30 AM 5K Walkers begin

11:30 BBQ

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