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Our job is to keep people safe

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Sheriff Miyamoto talks priorities, challenges

Sheriff Miyamoto, as you begin your four-year term, what are your goals and priorities?

My priority is to keep people safe inside and outside the jail. We have one of the nation’s lowest incarceration rates, with more justice-involved people awaiting resolution of their cases in alternatives to incarceration.

Our agency helps people reenter the community, from high school and college classes, employment training and behavioral health support inside the jail, to support services for justice-involved people on the outside. As Sheriff, I want to enhance and expand these services, which help the communities we serve and promote public safety. 

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Sheriff Paul M. Miyamoto

Sheriff Paul M. Miyamoto

Deputies doing community outreach at local public elementary school

Our employees reflect our diverse communities

The San Francisco Sheriff's Office employs more than 1,000 people. Our gender distribution is 22 percent female and 78 percent male. Here's our staff distribution by race/ethnicity:

American Indian .5 percent
Asian 23 percent
Black 16 percent
Filipino 14 percent
Hispanic 21 percent
White 25.5 percent

We are 100 percent committed to your public safety! 

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We believe in dignity and fairness

Every human being deserves respect. We believe in repairing harm, rebuilding relationships, and focusing on the future. Education, job training, behavioral health support. We connect people with services on the outside so they don’t return to the inside. 

Our Mission

The San Francisco Sheriff’s Office works with the public, the criminal justice system, and community stakeholders to safeguard the lives, rights, and property of all people we serve.

We strive to complete our mission in a manner that maintains the trust and confidence of the people of San Francisco.  

We make San Francisco safer

The Sheriff’s Office keeps people safe — inside and outside the county jails, in the buildings we help protect, and in the communities we serve.

We help domestic violence victims rebuild their lives. We provide mutual aid to our law enforcement partners in emergencies and natural disasters. We offer education and job training to support those leaving the justice system, which builds stronger, safer communities.

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Welcome to our new website!

The San Francisco Sheriff’s Office is proud to share our new website with you. Our goal is to make the information you want easy to find, understand and use.

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Deputy Standing in City Hall

If you believe a person housed in San Francisco county jail requires immediate attention for a medical condition or mental health crisis, please call:

Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.:  (415) 554-7225
All other times, including weekends and holidays:   (415) 553-1444